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Honeywell Fusion 3780

Honeywell’s FusionTM 3780 is an affordable hand-held omnidirectional laser scanner with single-line capability that increases retail checkout system efficiency with its automatic in-stand operation, optionally integrated EAS, and industry-leading scan performance.

Fusion combines omnidirectional and single-line laser bar code scanning into a lightweight, ergonomic hand-held form factor. The 20-line scan pattern provides superior scanning over existing single- line hand-held scanners making Fusion ideal for medium-volume retailers including specialty stores, pharmacies, liquor stores, and convenience stores.

  • Primary Omnidirectional Scan Pattern: Aggressive scanning in any orientation, increasing throughput
  • Secondary Single-Line Scan Pattern: With a push of a button, switch to a targeted single-line for menu scanning applications
  • Automatic In-Stand Detection: Hands-free operation for presentation scanning reduces operator fatigue
  • Sleep Mode With IR Wake Up: Multiple sleep modes reduce power consumption, extending life and lowering cost of operation
  • Optional Integration of RF EAS Antenna: Increases efficiency by simultaneously deactivating RF EAS tags and decoding bar codes

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The PD-II POS Interface scale connects with cash registers or POS systems. Available in 15 to 150 lb capacities. Works with UPS Worldship software. Use in supermarkets, cafeterias, specialty stores, shipping, and more.

  • Interface with most ECR’s & POS Systems

  • Weighs in pounds or ounces

  • RS-232C Universal Interface, 4 bit parallel

  • Stainless steel platter

  • Two standard built-in tilt displays

  • OPOS drivers available

  • Compatible with UPS Worldship

  • Legal for trade – COC # – 92-174A4

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VeriFone Vx 570

VeriFone’s VX 570 is remarkably fast, completing Ethernet transactions in seconds. Not minutes. Keeping your customers, and your sales, on the move. With lightning- fast connectivity in one sleek package, this powerhouse payment solution does everything but sign the receipt. The VX 570. Simple and secure. Not to mention simply the best.

  • Completes Ethernet transactions in seconds
  • Vertical, triple-track card reader reads cards accurately
  • ATM-style interface, bold menu prompts and ergonomic keys minimize staff training and reduce errors
  • Internal PIN pad streamlines debit transactions
  • SoftPay software offers extensive, flexible support for all types of payments

VeriFone Vx 570 Brochure

Lathem 2000/4000 & 7500

Need a steel tough time clock without a tough price? Lathem’s mechanical time recorders can’t be beat. Ideal for payroll time or job costing, these heavy duty time clocks can withstand high volume use and harsh environments. Whether you choose automatic (4000 Series) or manual (2000 Series) activation, the indestructible coined steel type wheels offer smooth reliable operation and a crisp clear registration every time.

  • Right side printing along edge of any size card or form
  • Optional left hand printing
  • Optional symbol or code wheel
  • English, Spanish or French wheels
  • Automatic ribbon reversal at end of spool
  • Easy reset after power interuption

Lathem 2000/4000 Series Brochure

The 7500E automatically calculates worked time between punches and accumulates totals on the card for up to 100 active employees or jobs. It also receives its time signal from the WWVB atomic clock in Fort Collins, Colorado.  It also calculates actual or rounded time, and supports an automatic break deduction from daily totals. Automatic print alignment, and auto-sensing of front and back of card eliminates operator mistakes and reduces time required to punch in & out.

  • Print 12-hour (AM/PM) on 24-hour time
  • Fully automatic print alignment
  • Unlimited punches per day
  • Prints day of week or date
  • Automatic differentiation of the front and back of a double-sided time card
  • Ability to transfer card totals to another card

Lathem 7500 Brochure

When we needed to integrate gift cards into our business, the staff at LCR promptly got back to us with all of the answers we needed. They really helped us streamline our business by providing high-end products & services at affordable prices. Running a small business can get very complicated and we truly appreciate the support the staff provides.

Sharon Hebert

Owner, Eunice Archery & Range

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