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If you’re getting your new business started, or expanding your business to a new location, or if you’re considering expanding the capabilities of your business, you’re going to have to consider what kind of point of sale system to use, and what business functions it will help you with. That’s where Lafayette Cash Registers comes in. LCR has point of sale technicians ready to learn how your company works and tell you exactly what kinds of POS/ECR components could benefit your business.

Installation & Orientation

Whether you’ve got a plan in mind, or if you don’t know where to start, Lafayette Cash Registers can get you out of the planning stages and help you start selling your merchandise. Our point of sale professionals are ready to learn about your business and can recommend a strategy which will fit your specific needs. With a strategy in place, we can help you acquire the hardware and software which will manage your inventory and transactions.

Such hardware may include POS/ECR systems, barcode scanners, receipt printers, credit card machines, and other tools your business can use to streamline the transaction process. Lafayette Cash Registers can then install this new hardware and software and train you and your employees, so everything will be ready when you open your store’s doors for the first time.

Credit Card Processing

The average consumer now expects every business they visit to accept credit and debit cards. In fact, many consumers don’t even carry cash because it’s more convenient to just use a card. If your business doesn’t currently accept credit or debit cards, you’ve probably already witnessed this expectation in the form of disgruntled customers. With credit card processing speeds growing steadily, even having a slow credit card system is enough to bother your customers.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be painful or expensive to add fast credit and debit card processing to your business. Lafayette Cash Registers can integrate credit and debit card processing with your current point of sale system, increasing your sales and ultimately, your profitability.


We’re ready and willing to admit that POS/ECR systems can be complicated. With the cash drawers, printers, scanners, credit card machines, and the software that ties it all together, it can be a confusing and overwhelming part of your business. Due to this complicated nature you may find yourself in need of assistance.

Whether you need help getting your inventory set up, or your receipt printer isn’t printing the way you’d like, or if you need help with any of the various other components of your POS/ECR system, Lafayette Cash Registers has experienced point of sale technicians ready to help you get your business back up and running the way you want. No matter what your issue may be, we have the experience to inspect it, repair it, and get your business back to making sales.

Cash Register Rental

Need an additional cash register for the holidays? Or, how about for a special event, such as July the 4th, Crawfish festival, State Fair or any of the other festivals held in Southwest Louisiana?

Whatever the event or length of period, Lafayette Cash Registers has a rental program available for you, all year around. Renting a cash register can be a great way for your business to spread cash flow and to retain the flexibility to update equipment as required.

Let LCR help you grow your business.

We have been with Lafayette Cash Registers since we opened our doors. They are dependable, reliable, and a joy to do business with. If you’re looking for a POS system or a cash register, LCR can take care of all your needs.

Cithy Charles

Food & Entertainment Supervisor, Regional Medical Center

Our mission is simple: make technology an asset for your business not a problem. Too many times we have seen other POS companys recommend solutions that are not appropriate for the specific client’s business or will not take a business’ operations into their planning as they routinely bring down an entire business while they perform routine maintenance on a server. We strive to make technology integrate seamlessly with your business so your business can grow. As your technology partner, when your business grows ours will grow with you, therefore, we will work hand in hand with you to support your growth.